2 Dazzling Dunes Perfect for Sandboarding

DDiana October 14, 2023 5:21 PM

Ever dreamed of gliding down a towering sand dune with the sun warming your face and the wind rushing past your ears? Sandboarding, an adrenaline pumping sport akin to snowboarding, offers just that experience. We've handpicked two dazzling dune locations perfect for your next sandboarding adventure.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, USA

This natural sandbox is a dream come true for every sandboarding enthusiast. With the tallest dunes in North America reaching up to 750 feet, the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado offers a thrilling sandboarding experience.

Best time to visit: The ideal sandboarding season here stretches from April to October. However, the best months are May and June when the sand is not too hot.

Sandboarding tips and tricks: Beginners are advised to start on smaller dunes before graduating to the larger ones. Don't forget to wax your board for a smoother ride, and always check park rules and regulations before venturing out.

Essential gear: A special sandboard or sand sled, goggles for eye protection, and sunblock.

Cerro Blanco, Peru

Located near Nazca, Peru, Cerro Blanco is considered to be the highest sand dune in the world. At a whopping 2070 feet, it promises an epic sandboarding adventure.

Best time to visit: The period from May to December is ideal for sandboarding in Cerro Blanco, when the temperatures are moderate.

Sandboarding tips and tricks: The climb to the top can be strenuous so make sure you're in good physical condition before attempting it. Keep yourself hydrated and remember, the descent is faster than you think!

Essential gear: Along with the sandboard and goggles, a hat, water bottle and high-energy snacks are a must.

To make your sandboarding adventure easier, here's a quick comparison of the two dunes.

Dune Location Best time to visit Tips and tricks Essential gear
Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado April-October (Best in May, June) Start on smaller dunes, wax your board Sandboard, goggles, sunblock
Cerro Blanco, Peru May-December Be in good physical condition, stay hydrated Sandboard, goggles, hat, water bottle, snacks

Whether you're an experienced boarder looking for a new challenge, or a novice keen to try out this exciting sport, these two dazzling dunes promise an unforgettable sandboarding experience.

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