3 Historic Lighthouses with Tales of Heroism

MMariana September 17, 2023 1:56 PM

Lighthouses, those towering structures that dot the coasts, are much more than navigational aids for mariners. They hold stories of courage, dedication, and resolute spirit. Today, we're embarking on a journey to explore three historic lighthouses in the United States, each with its own tale of heroism. Dive into their histories, admire their resilience, and discover the heroic deeds of their keepers.

Boston Light: The First Lighthouse in America

Established in 1716, the Boston Light on Little Brewster Island is the oldest lighthouse in America. Burned down by British forces during the Revolutionary War, it was rebuilt in 1783 and stands as a symbol of the nation's hard-won independence.

The tale of heroism here is of Susannah Patrick, its lightkeeper during World War II. She was the first woman to be officially appointed as a lightkeeper in the United States. Despite the harsh winters and isolation, she remained at her post, providing a beacon for the mariners.

Hatteras Lighthouse: The Sentinels of the Sea

Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina, known as the "Sentinels of the Sea", is celebrated for its distinctive spiral design. It is also renowned for the heroic act of its keeper, Abraham Jenks, during the 1837 Racer's Storm. Despite the treacherous weather, Jenks kept the lighthouse functioning, saving numerous lives at sea.

Point Arena Lighthouse: Surviving Earthquakes and More

Standing tall on California's rugged coastline, the Point Arena Lighthouse survived the infamous San Francisco earthquake in 1906. Its keeper, George Larson, was hailed a hero for his selfless act of ringing the fog bell continuously for 72 hours to warn vessels away from the treacherous shoreline.

Lighthouse Location Notable Event Hero
Boston Light Boston, MA First lighthouse in America Susannah Patrick
Hatteras Lighthouse Buxton, NC Heroism during 1837 Racer's Storm Abraham Jenks
Point Arena Lighthouse Point Arena, CA Survived 1906 San Francisco earthquake George Larson

There's much to learn and remember about these iconic structures. They survived wars, storms, earthquakes, and the passage of time, standing as testaments to the resilience and courage of those who kept their lights burning, guiding ships through dangerous waters. Next time you're planning a trip, consider visiting these historic lighthouses and immerse yourself in their rich history and tales of heroism.

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