4 resplendent rose gardens around the globe

DDiana September 20, 2023 2:16 PM

If you're a flower enthusiast, you probably understand the allure of a beautiful rose garden. These spots offer more than just a feast for the eyes - they are also places of tranquility, relaxation, and deep connection with nature. Let's explore four of the world's most resplendent rose gardens, uncovering their history, unique features, and the best times to visit.

1. Butchart Gardens, Canada

Butchart Gardens, located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, is one of the world's premier floral show gardens. This over a century-old garden, originally developed by Jennie Butchart, boasts an incredible display of roses during the summer months. From hybrid teas to floribundas, the color and scent of these blooms are truly a sight to behold. The best time to visit for roses is between June and September.

2. Kew Gardens, United Kingdom

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in London, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its spectacular collection of plants. Its rose garden is no exception, featuring a diverse range of rose varieties from around the world. Peak bloom occurs in late June, but visitors can enjoy the garden's beauty throughout the summer.

3. Rosedal de Palermo, Argentina

Situated in Buenos Aires, the Rosedal de Palermo, or Palermo Rose Garden, is a stunning garden featuring over 18,000 roses. This peaceful retreat in the heart of the city boasts a variety of roses, including heirlooms and modern hybrids. The best time to visit is in spring and fall when the roses are in full bloom.

4. International Rose Test Garden, United States

Found in Portland, Oregon, the International Rose Test Garden is the oldest official, continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States. The garden tests and introduces new rose varieties, making it a must-visit destination for rose lovers. The roses usually peak in June, but the garden offers stunning views of Portland and Mount Hood year-round.

Garden Location Best Time to Visit
Butchart Gardens Canada June - September
Kew Gardens United Kingdom June - August
Rosedal de Palermo Argentina Spring and Fall
International Rose Test Garden United States June

These gardens provide an opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of roses from around the world. Whether you're a horticulture enthusiast or simply a lover of beauty, visiting these rose gardens should undoubtedly be on your travel bucket list.

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