5 Best Cities for Vegan and Vegetarian Travelers

MMariana August 29, 2023 5:06 PM

Traveling as a vegan or vegetarian can sometimes be challenging, with not all cities around the world catering to these dietary choices. Fear not, because we've rounded up the 5 best cities for vegan and vegetarian travelers. These cities offer an array of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, eateries, and unique food experiences that will make your trip even more exciting.

1. Berlin, Germany

Known for its eclectic and diverse food scene, Berlin is a vegan's paradise. The city boasts over 60 vegan restaurants, offering everything from fast food to gourmet meals. One must-try is the ‘AtayaCaffe’, a vegan-friendly café that serves a blend of Italian and African cuisine. Aside from restaurants, you'll also find vegan supermarkets like Veganz, where you can stock up on all things plant-based.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

With over 400 vegan and vegetarian eateries, Tel Aviv is a major hotspot for plant-based cuisine. The city is known for its fresh produce markets and vegan-friendly cafes like Meshek Barzilay and Café Xoho. Don't miss out on trying a vegan shakshuka while you're here.

3. Los Angeles, USA

This city is a haven for health-conscious travelers, with a strong focus on organic, plant-based cuisine. There are plenty of vegan restaurants to choose from, including the popular Café Gratitude. Try their 'I am whole' bowl for a filling and nutritious meal.

4. Chennai, India

As a city where vegetarianism is part of the culture, Chennai offers an abundance of vegetarian restaurants and dishes. Visit 'Madras', a city landmark known for its traditional South Indian vegetarian cuisine. You can't leave without trying a dosa, a type of Indian pancake made from fermented batter.

5. Toronto, Canada

Toronto's plant-based scene is thriving, with new vegan restaurants popping up regularly. Check out 'Planta', a high-end vegan restaurant that serves creative dishes like cauliflower tots and eggplant lasagna.

Here's a quick table summarizing what each city has to offer:

City Vegan/Vegetarian Eateries Must-Try Dish
Berlin Over 60 Italian and African Cuisine at AtayaCaffe
Tel Aviv Over 400 Vegan Shakshuka
Los Angeles Numerous 'I am whole' bowl at Café Gratitude
Chennai Numerous Dosa at Madras
Toronto Numerous Cauliflower tots at Planta

Traveling as a vegan or vegetarian no longer has to be a struggle. With cities like these catering to your dietary needs, you can enjoy a world of flavors while maintaining your lifestyle choices.

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