5 unique homestays that offer a true cultural immersion

CCalvin August 30, 2023 11:27 AM

Have you ever wished you could experience a new place not as a tourist, but as a local? Homestays are an excellent way to immerse yourself in local culture. They offer authentic experiences and provide the opportunity to live like a local. Here are five unique homestays that offer a true cultural immersion experience.

Homestay in Kerala, India

Manayath Heritage Residence is a centuries-old traditional Kerala home. This homestay provides a unique cultural immersion into the life of a Malayali family. Here, guests are treated as part of the family, and can participate in daily activities like cooking and farming. The homestay also organizes local sightseeing tours and cultural events.

Homestay in Havana, Cuba

Casa Vitrales offers an authentic experience of Cuban life. With its rooftop terrace providing panoramic views of Old Havana, you can soak in the rhythm of Cuban life. Engage in conversations with the host family about Cuban history and culture, and even learn a few salsa steps!

Homestay in Kyoto, Japan

The Yoshida Sanso is a historic homestay located in the foothills of Kyoto's eastern mountains. This former imperial villa offers a true taste of Japanese culture. From tatami mat rooms to kaiseki meals and traditional tea ceremonies, this homestay offers a deep dive into the Japanese way of life.

Homestay in Cusco, Peru

Killawasi Lodge is located in the Colca Valley. Apart from comfortable accommodation, this homestay offers a variety of cultural experiences. Guests can participate in local rituals, learn about traditional agriculture, and even help prepare traditional Peruvian meals.

Homestay in Marrakech, Morocco

Riad El Zohar is a traditional Moroccan house located in the heart of Marrakech's Medina. This homestay offers a unique opportunity to experience the Moroccan way of life. You can learn to cook traditional Moroccan dishes, visit local markets, and soak in the vibrant culture of Marrakeck.

Homestays offer a unique window into a country's culture and traditions. By living with locals, you can experience a destination in a way that's not possible through typical hotel stays or tours. Whether you choose a homestay in India, Cuba, Japan, Peru, or Morocco, you're guaranteed an authentic and immersive cultural experience.

Homestay Location Cultural Experiences Offered
1 Manayath Heritage Residence Kerala, India Cooking, Farming, Cultural Events
2 Casa Vitrales Havana, Cuba Conversations on History and Culture, Salsa lessons
3 The Yoshida Sanso Kyoto, Japan Traditional Tea Ceremonies, Kaiseki Meals
4 Killawasi Lodge Colca Valley, Peru Local Rituals, Traditional Agriculture
5 Riad El Zohar Marrakech, Morocco Cooking Classes, Market Visits

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