6 Lesser-Known National Parks That'll Take Your Breath Away

MMariana November 18, 2023 7:01 AM

Are you a nature lover or an adventure seeker, always on the lookout for hidden gems? Well, you're in luck, because we're about to embark on a virtual tour of six lesser-known National Parks that are so stunningly beautiful they'll take your breath away.

Congaree National Park, South Carolina

As one of the least-visited National Parks, Congaree is a true hidden gem. Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, it offers an expansive wildlife habitat with an impressive canopy of old growth trees, floodplains, and meandering waters. Bird lovers, hikers, and paddlers will find plenty to love here.

North Cascades National Park, Washington

A hiker's paradise, North Cascades boasts more glaciers than any other park in the continental US. With over 300 miles of trails teeming with wildlife, it offers visitors rugged mountain peaks, serene alpine lakes, and cascading waterfalls.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Accessible only by boat or seaplane, Dry Tortugas is a unique blend of history and nature. Explore the 19th-century Fort Jefferson, snorkel amongst vibrant coral reefs, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the turquoise waters.

Great Basin National Park, Nevada

Home to the ancient Bristlecone Pines and the Lehman Caves, Great Basin is a wonderland for stargazers, hikers, and cave enthusiasts. Here, you can enjoy the solitude of the backcountry, or observe some of the oldest living things on earth.

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

Secluded in the heart of Lake Superior, Isle Royale is an archipelago offering solitude and wilderness. It's a haven for hikers, campers, and wildlife enthusiasts as it's home to a unique predator-prey relationship between wolves and moose.

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

This Arctic wilderness is one of the most remote and untouched places on earth. With no roads or trails, it offers the ultimate off-the-beaten-path experience for the adventurous. Expect stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and the magical phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

Here's a quick summary of our breathtaking National Parks:

National Park Location Unique Features
Congaree South Carolina Old growth trees, floodplains
North Cascades Washington Glaciers, mountain peaks
Dry Tortugas Florida Coral reefs, Fort Jefferson
Great Basin Nevada Ancient Bristlecone Pines, Lehman Caves
Isle Royale Michigan Archipelago, wildlife
Gates of the Arctic Alaska Remote wilderness, Northern Lights

So, which of these lesser-known National Parks will be your next destination? They're all worthy additions to your bucket list, and whether you're an adventurer, a nature lover, a hiker, or a photographer, there's a park that's just right for you.

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