A love affair with chocolate: World's sweetest destinations

DDiana September 6, 2023 5:46 PM

For those of you with a sweet tooth, adoring chocolate is not just about enjoying a treat, it's a way of life. And when travel and chocolate combine, it's a match made in heaven. Chocolate lovers, pack your bags – we're embarking on a world tour of the sweetest, most chocolatey destinations on the planet.

Top 5 destinations for chocolate lovers

  1. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is renowned for its high-quality chocolate, and Brussels is the country's chocolate capital. With over 2,000 chocolate shops, you'll be spoilt for choice. Don't miss Pierre Marcolini, a world-famous chocolatier known for his creativity and use of rare and exotic cocoa beans.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is synonymous with chocolate. Zurich, its largest city, is home to renowned chocolate makers like Sprüngli and Läderach. If you're in Zurich around Easter, don't miss the Easter Chocolate Bunny Parade at the Lindt Chocolate Factory.

  1. Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

Known as 'The Sweetest Place on Earth', Hershey takes its nickname seriously. Home to Hershey's Chocolate World, this town offers a delightful chocolate-themed amusement park and Hershey’s Chocolate Making Tour where you can create your own candy bar.

  1. Oaxaca, Mexico

Recognized as the birthplace of chocolate, Oaxaca has a rich tradition of producing artisanal chocolate. If you're a history buff, you'll appreciate the chance to taste and learn about the ancient tradition of chocolate drink making in this region.

  1. St. Lucia, Caribbean

Home to the Hotel Chocolat, and its associated cocoa plantation, St. Lucia offers a unique bean-to-bar experience. Visitors can tour the plantation, learn about the chocolate-making process, and even make their own chocolate from scratch.

Experiencing chocolate culture

From the rich history and tradition in Mexico to the delectable delights of Switzerland, each destination offers a unique experience for chocolate lovers. While indulging in these treats is a pleasure in itself, why not immerse yourself further by checking out chocolate factories, museums, and festivals?

For instance, the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona, Spain, takes you on a fascinating journey through the history of chocolate, while the Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia, Italy, is a must-visit for any chocolate enthusiast. And let's not forget the unique chocolate massage at the Hotel Hershey Spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA.

The world's sweetest journey

There's no denying the universal appeal of chocolate. Whether you're a fan of dark, milk, or white, there's a chocolate destination out there for you. So why not transform your love affair with chocolate into a world journey, exploring the sweetest destinations on the planet?

The world's sweetest destinations are waiting for you to indulge.

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