Chocolate Lover’s Dream: Top 6 Chocolate Festivals

CCalvin January 6, 2024 7:01 AM

If you're a true chocolate lover, then visiting a Chocolate Festival must surely be on your bucket list. These decadent gatherings not only allow you to indulge in your favourite treat, but also give you the opportunity to learn about the intricate process of chocolate making, meet skilled chocolatiers, and even try your hand at creating your own confections.

Best Chocolate Festivals around the world

There are countless chocolate festivals held each year worldwide. For the serious chocolate enthusiast, we've narrowed down the list to the top 6 must-visit events:

  1. Belgian Chocolate Festival, Belgium Belgium is famous for its high-quality chocolate, so it's no surprise that one of the best Chocolate Festivals takes place here. This annual event features a chocolate fair, chocolate-making demonstrations, and, of course, plenty of opportunities for tasting.

  2. Eurochocolate, Italy Held in Perugia, this is one of the largest chocolate festivals in Europe. Eurochocolate features everything from chocolate sculpture displays to chocolate tastings, with a particular focus on Italian chocolate manufacturers.

  3. Salon du Chocolat, France This international chocolate-themed exhibition is a must-visit for anyone serious about chocolate. With over 500 participants from 60 countries, there's something for every chocolate lover here.

  4. Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival, USA This San Francisco-based festival is a two-day celebration of all things chocolate. The highlight of the festival is the 'Chocolate School', where visitors can learn about the chocolate-making process from bean to bar.

  5. Chocoa, Netherlands This Amsterdam-based festival focuses on sustainability in the chocolate industry. Visitors can attend talks and workshops, as well as taste a wide range of chocolates.

  6. St. Lucia Chocolate Festival, Caribbean St. Lucia's festival celebrates the island's rich cocoa heritage. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities, including cocoa plantation tours, chocolate-making classes, and gourmet chocolate tastings.

Each festival offers a unique experience, and all are worthy of a visit. You'll not only get to satisfy your sweet tooth, but also learn about the art and culture of chocolate.

Travel for Chocolate

Attending a Chocolate Festival is an excellent way to combine your love of chocolate with your passion for travel. You can plan your trips around these festivals and explore new destinations while indulging in your favourite treat.

Chocolate Festival reviews

Before planning your trip, it's a good idea to check out the reviews of the chosen Chocolate Festival. Look for insights into the festival's best features, what to look out for, and, of course, which chocolates are a must-try.

Chocolatiers at Festivals

One of the highlights of any Chocolate Festival is the chance to meet the chocolatiers. These artisans are usually more than willing to share their passion and knowledge with you, and you may even pick up some tips and tricks for making your own chocolate.

In conclusion, if you're a chocolate lover, attending a Chocolate Festival should definitely be on your travel agenda. Not only will you get to sample some of the best chocolates in the world, but you'll also learn about the fascinating world of chocolate making and meet the passionate people behind your favourite treat.

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