Cycling Nirvana: 5 Best Mountain Bike Trails Worldwide

MMariana October 6, 2023 10:46 AM

For biking enthusiasts, there's nothing more exhilarating than pedaling through rugged terrain, feeling the wind in your face, and experiencing the thrill of a downhill rush. With diverse landscapes and difficulty levels to suit every rider, mountain biking is truly a sport that can offer something for everyone. In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through the 5 best mountain bike trails worldwide.

New Zealand's Old Ghost Road

Officially the longest singletrack in New Zealand, the Old Ghost Road stretches over 85 kilometers and takes riders through a variety of landscapes, including lush forests, river valleys, and alpine meadows. With a difficulty level rated as moderate to hard, this trail is best suited for experienced riders. Accommodation in the form of huts and cabins can be found along the trail, providing a comfortable place to rest after a long day of cycling.

Colorado's 401 Trail

Located in the heart of the United States, the 401 Trail in Colorado boasts amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. This 23-kilometer trail is a loop, meaning you'll end up right where you started. The trail peaks at an altitude of over 3,000 meters, making it quite a challenging climb, but the breath-taking views and thrilling downhill section are well worth it.

South Africa's Cape Epic Trail

Known as the 'Tour de France' of mountain biking, the Cape Epic Trail in South Africa is a must-ride for any serious cyclist. This multi-stage race covers over 700 kilometers and is known for its grueling climbs and fast descents. With hot and dry climate conditions, riders are advised to carry plenty of water and sun protection.

Europe's Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a classic European trail that takes riders through France, Italy, and Switzerland. This trail is not for the faint-hearted, with a total distance of over 170 kilometers and significant elevation changes. However, the stunning alpine scenery and well-marked trail make this ride an unforgettable experience.

Canada's The Seven Summits

The Seven Summits trail in Canada is a challenging and thrilling ride for experienced mountain bikers. This 30 kilometers long trail offers steep climbs and technical descents, with altitudes reaching over 2,200 meters. The ride offers amazing views of the surrounding landscape, including the striking Monashee Mountains.

Here's a quick overview of these amazing trails:

Trail Name Location Length (km) Difficulty Level
Old Ghost Road New Zealand 85 Moderate to Hard
401 Trail Colorado, USA 23 Moderate
Cape Epic Trail South Africa Over 700 Hard
Tour du Mont Blanc Europe Over 170 Hard
The Seven Summits Canada 30 Hard

Regardless of the trail you choose, remember to always wear appropriate safety gear and to respect the local environment.

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