The Sparkling Blue City: Chefchaouen Unveiled

CCalvin September 9, 2023 9:36 PM

Nestled in the heart of Morocco's Rif Mountains, lies a city painted in different shades of blue, known as Chefchaouen, or the Blue Pearl. This city is not just a photographer's paradise, but also a culturally rich destination that makes every visitor's journey worthwhile.

Why is Chefchaouen blue?

The city's iconic blue hue has a fascinating tale. Some say it was painted blue by the Jews who settled here after fleeing Hitler in the 1930s, while others believe that the blue keeps mosquitoes away. Irrespective of the reason, the blue-painted streets create a calming effect and offer stunning visuals.

What to see in Chefchaouen?

  1. Kasbah Museum: Located in the main square, this museum gives you a glimpse into the history of Chefchaouen and the region's culture.
  2. The Medina: This is the heart of the city, filled with narrow blue streets, vibrant markets, and beautiful architecture.
  3. Spanish Mosque: Offering a panoramic view of Chefchaouen, the Spanish Mosque is a perfect spot to catch the sunset.

Beyond these, there are several other attractions like the Ras Elma river, Plaza Uta el-Hammam and more.

Food in Chefchaouen

The city offers a variety of food options, from traditional Moroccan dishes like tagine and couscous to international cuisine. Don't miss trying the local goat cheese, olives, and fresh bread.

Best time to visit Chefchaouen

The best time to visit Chefchaouen is during the Spring (April to June) and Fall (September to November), when the weather is pleasant. The summers can get quite hot while winters are generally mild but chilly in the evenings.

How to get to Chefchaouen?

The most common way to reach Chefchaouen is by bus from other major cities like Fez or Tangier. If you prefer convenience, you can also hire a taxi or a private car.

Where to stay in Chefchaouen?

Accommodation in Chefchaouen ranges from budget hostels to luxury hotels. Some popular choices are Dar Gabriel, Lina Ryad & Spa, and Casa Perleta.

Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or a photo enthusiast, Chefchaouen has something for everyone.

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