Time Capsules: 3 Historic Taverns with Tales to Tell

MMariana September 11, 2023 7:02 AM

Step into a historic tavern, and you're stepping into a time machine. It's not just about the vintage decor or the centuries-old architecture. It's about the stories these places can tell, the glimpses they offer into the past. Here, we bring you tales from three such establishments, each a unique time capsule.

Ye Olde Tavern in Vermont

Founded in 1790, Ye Olde Tavern is one of the oldest taverns in the US. Its crimson façade and sloping floors speak of an earlier era, and its history is just as fascinating.

The tavern's tale begins with a woman named Dorset, who ran it as a boarding house until 1830. She was known for her strong spirits, both the kind she served and the kind she embodied. Her ghost is said to wander the tavern to this day, a permanent patron of the establishment.

McSorley's Old Ale House in New York

Stepping into McSorley's Old Ale House is like stepping into a time capsule. Established in 1854, it is one of the oldest continuously operating taverns in New York City.

The walls of McSorley's tell tales of the city's past. You'll find memorabilia dating back to the Civil War, including Houdini's handcuffs and a wanted poster for Lincoln's assassin. The tavern's sawdust-strewn floors and potbelly stove add to its old-world charm.

The White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island

America's oldest tavern, The White Horse Tavern, was built in 1673. Its history is a rich tapestry of tales, from British occupation during the Revolutionary War to its days as a boarding house and meeting place for the colony's General Assembly.

Today, the tavern maintains its historic charm, serving food and drink in the same rooms where colonists, soldiers, and pirates once gathered.

Tavern Year Founded Notable Tale
Ye Olde Tavern 1790 The ghost of Dorset
McSorley's Old Ale House 1854 Houdini's handcuffs
The White Horse Tavern 1673 British occupation

Each of these historic taverns has a unique tale to tell. When you walk into one, you’re walking into a piece of history, and the stories you'll hear are as intriguing as the spirits you'll drink. So, the next time you visit such a historic tavern, take a moment to appreciate its past. You'll be sipping a drink in the same place where countless stories have unfolded. It's not just a tavern; it's a time capsule.

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