World's 6 Most Serene Lavender Fields

DDiana September 3, 2023 10:16 PM

When you think of serenity, tranquility and a visual treat, nothing can quite match the magic of lavender fields in full bloom. From the vibrant hues of purple to the mesmerizing scent that fills the air, visiting a lavender field is an experience that lingers in your memory long after the trip is over. In this guide, we will be exploring the world's six most serene lavender fields that you must add to your travel bucket list.

1. Provence, France

Provence is often referred to as the heart of lavender fields. It's home to the Lavender Route, a scenic route that spans over 200km, showcasing the most beautiful lavender fields in the region. The best time to visit Provence for the lavender bloom is between June and August.

2. Furano, Japan

In the heart of Hokkaido, Furano offers a unique blend of lavender fields and snow-capped mountains. Its breathtaking scenery has made it a favorite location for Japanese TV dramas and movies. Make sure to visit Farm Tomita, one of the oldest and most famous lavender fields, during July for full bloom.

3. Bridestowe, Australia

Bridestowe Lavender Estate is home to one of the world's most significant lavender fields. With over 200 acres of lavender, the estate is the largest commercial plantation in the southern hemisphere. The flowering season runs from December to January.

4. Norfolk, England

Norfolk Lavender is England's premier lavender farm, boasting over 100 varieties of lavender. The best time to visit is between June and July, when the flowers are in full bloom and the distillery is in operation.

5. Sequim, United States

Known as the 'Lavender Capital of North America', Sequim hosts an annual lavender festival in July. The city is home to several lavender farms, with Purple Haze Lavender Farm being a popular choice among visitors.

6. Isparta, Turkey

Isparta, often dubbed as 'The Lavender Scented City', is renowned for its lavender harvesting ritual in July. The best lavender fields are in Kuyucak village, attracting thousands of tourists each year.

Here's a quick recap of the world's six most serene lavender fields:

Location Best Time to Visit
Provence, France June - August
Furano, Japan July
Bridestowe, Australia December - January
Norfolk, England June - July
Sequim, United States July
Isparta, Turkey July

Get ready to pack your bags and embark on a journey that promises a visual spectacle, an aromatic treat, and a calming experience.

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